I felt agitated, I couldn’t function normally, I had chaos in my head, a lot of thoughts that I couldn’t catch. Physically, it was fatigue and panic in certain situations. Also, I had no motivation for anything, I couldn’t go to school, follow the schedule, the routine I had before. I felt very anxious, losing concentration, overwhelmed and terrified at the thought of going to school. Then the panic attacks started and I was very afraid to go to school. At that time, I started high school, so I explained it all with the fear of a new school, but later I saw that it wasn’t just that. When I started the 2nd grade, I was better, and thought that everything was getting better, but then I got scared again and it was all tiring and discouraging. It wasn’t until the end of the school year that I felt the difference and saw that it was better for me to go to school.

I’m fine now, but in certain situations I still feel anxious.

What has helped me and what still is helping me to get through all this is talking about it with my psychologist – therapist. When I couldn’t function normally it helped me to stay at home, but on the other hand it was hard to be alone with my thoughts, so talking to a therapist helped a lot, together with learning with her certain steps to get used to panic attacks and learn to deal with them. What also helps is having few friends in my class that know about my situation, they understand and empathize with me and are a great support.