Novi Sad welcoming “Let’s Talk” partners for the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting

Feb 17, 2023News

On 7 – 8 February 2023, the four partnering organisations of the Erasmus+ project “Let’s talk”, which aims to strengthen the capacity of youth workers in supporting young peoples’ mental health focusing on a gender-sensitive approach, gathered in Novi Sad, Serbia, for the (hybrid) 3rd Transnational Project Meeting.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss further project development and responsibilities each partner organisation has, continue our work on Project Result 2 and also prepare for the upcoming LTT activity in Rijeka.

Project Result 2 involves creation of a training curriculum for capacitating youth workers on how to implement and work with gender-sensitive approach on mental health of young people, a handbook for youth workers with theoretical and practical information and exercises they could implement, and a workbook for young people, which they can use to support their mental health and mental hygiene individually. The curriculum and workbook are in their draft state and will be tested during the LTT activity and evaluated by youth workers and young people, in order to create sustainable, youth-friendly and useful materials. After the LTT, the project consortium will work on adapting these materials, as well as creating the handbook for youth workers.

During the meeting, partners were also introduced to National association of Youth Workers (NAPOR) from Serbia, whose Programme Coordinator Ivana Novaković joined us for a discussion on how youth work is recognized in Serbia and shared with us some information about the Bonn Process and attempts to create a formal association of youth workers on a European level. On the second day, the project consortium visited OPENS Youth Centre in Novi Sad, got familiar with the facilities and its programmes and attended a one-hour presentation and meeting with Slavica Ranisavljev Kovačev, representative of Constellation of Support, a mental health and psychological support network coordinated by OPENS Association.

After a very successful and fruitful two-day meeting, partners are content with the work done so far and especially appreciate the opportunity to discuss project development in person – we all feel it’s more productive and effective to get together for two days and exchange comments and ideas in-vivo. At this stage of project implementation, all partners are even more motivated to continue working on creating a gender-sensitive mental health program for young people and capacitate youth workers toward this goal. Now, all our thoughts are focused on the upcoming Learning/Teaching/Training Activity happening in Rijeka, Croatia in March, where we hope to get concrete, honest and constructive feedback from young people and youth workers.