Welcome to the section of the platform dedicated to building capacities of youth workers, educators, teachers and other professionals working with young people!

Within these pages, you will find different materials designed to help you adequately promote mental health and support young people in building and maintaining their mental health as well as to support young people with mental health issues, inclusive of all genders.

Hello! An important part of conducting gender-sensitive mental health programmes are the educators who have capacities to implement them. Therefore, here you can find the curriculum we have developed for building competences of youth workers, including workshops and presentations we used during our pilot training in Rijeka, as well as some other training materials and a podcast with youth workers on some do’s and don’ts when working with young people in the topic of mental health.

Hello! Here you can find different tools you can use during workshops with young people, on the topic of mental health and gender. The tools presented here can be used in online or in-person workshops and can be adapted to your specific needs and the needs of young people you work with.

Hello! We present you ideas for different workshops, on the topic of mental health. These workshops and exercises have been tested or recommended by our youth workers and educators, working in a non-formal setting with young people from different backgrounds. Every workshop idea outlines goals of the workshop, materials you need, learning outcomes, how to conduct the exercise from beginning to the end, etc. Be mindful that you choose the workshops that fit your context.