Research and policy section

Welcome to the part of the platform dedicated to young people, youth workers, educators, and generally anyone interested to learn more about mental health, gender and young people.

Besides educational and supportive materials developed in this project, if you’re a young person, you will also be able to find here other useful websites, blogs and tools that can help you navigate your mental health issues and support your wellbeing.


I'm an educator/youth worker

Hello! We give you the Let’s Talk Handbook – a useful tool we’ve developed for youth workers in a general meaning – teachers, educators, trainers, etc. The Handbook includes both theoretical content, but also some practical tools and tips on how to conduct gender-sensitive mental health programmes for young people.

I'm a young person

Hello! We give you the Let’s Talk Workbook – a useful tool we’ve developed for young people, dedicated to helping you ensure your mental health well-being. The Workbook contains various excersises that you can do by yourself, in the privacy of your home or with your friends, but also with your teachers and/or educators. Also, here you can find some other interesting blogs, webpages and excersises that you can check out.