“Let’s Talk” – workbook to support mental health of young people “No one is you” published

Sep 5, 2023News

Consortium “Let’s Talk” is pleased to announce that “No one is you! Let’s talk about mental health: Workbook for young people” is now published and you can access it here in English and also in Croatian, Greek, Italian and Serbian language here.

This publication contains various exercises, introspective questions, as well as solution strategies that open up many topics and encourage conversation about mental health, relationships, identity, gender, communication and creativity and setting and achieving goals.

This publication is intended directly to young people (but also for everyone who wants to work on these topics on a personal level). It can be seen as a kind of diary and inspiration, but also as a guide and tool for personal growth and development, as well as the opening of further communication and seeking support in the mentioned topics.

We hope that this workbook will help you to open topics that are important to all of us, so that we can better connect, communicate and understand our emotions, but also think about what our strengths are. This is also a tool that can help us all understand the topic of mental health or serve as additional support when talking with an expert (counselor, psychologist, therapist) and for talking with them about these exercises.

Therefore, youth workers and all others who work with young people in the system of formal and informal education and/or community work can use it as an auxiliary tool in their programs with young people.

This publication has its own accompanying handbook for people working with young people, which we will also publish soon.