After COVID finally subsided and the lockdown was lifted in Serbia, I noticed that I have developed a fear of entering closed spaces. I stopped using public transport and taxis, I would go to the store only when I had to and I didn’t want to go out to cafes, clubs or restaurants at all. It went so far that my friends started avoiding me and stopped inviting me to do stuff with them, because they knew I wouldn’t go anywhere. That’s when I also started getting angry and enraged, because I felt like they didn’t have any understanding for what I was going through. My family convinced me to start seeing a therapist, so slowly I started going out again, although it took almost a whole year before I felt comfortable again being in public places, surrounded by people. What I had to understand is that we all have our own ‘timelines’ and that there’s nothing wrong with you if it takes you some time to heal and get over your issues.