A five-day training for young people and youth workers was held in Rijeka

Apr 11, 2023News

Through the “Let’s Talk” project, we investigate what the mental health of young people is like today, how they deal with the challenges of everyday life and general insecurity and changes in society, and how gender identity affects all of this. Likewise, our goal is to provide support to all those who work with young people in the field of formal and non-formal education and civil society so that they know and can better teach about mental health, recognize problems and provide first aid to all those young people who encounter difficulties in this area.

We are currently developing an curriculum for the training course for youth workers and educators, and in order to test the content, we gathered 30 participants from 4 partner countries (Serbia, Italy, Greece and Croatia) – people who work with young people (teachers, educators, youth leaders, students, volunteers) and the young people themselves. In Rijeka, from March 6 to 10, we met and exchanged opinions, views, experiences, and discussed the influence of society and social stereotypes in the field of gender identity on the mental health of young people.

We also tested some of the exercises for people who work with young people, as well as young people themselves who want to support the good mental health of young people, in order to offer these exercises to teachers themselves and everyone who works with young people in non-formal education or the civil sector. The participants made a great contribution precisely by giving their perspective and suggestions, and through the evaluation of the training itself, they gave us good feedback on how to improve the training in the future.

Everything was good, maybe we need more activities outside (when it’s possible)

I am very happy and satisfied with everything.

I felt really supported and appreciated for my opinions and when I didn’t feel like talking there someone that supported me and talked to others for me

The environment was very inclusive and safe for a youth who wanted to express his own opinion, ideas and point of view.

Even though it was mostly a rainy week, Rijeka and Hotel Continental were very good hosts to us. Thank you all and follow the further activities of the project on our website and social networks.