The final presentation of the “Let’s Talk” project held in Croatia

Dec 1, 2023News

Let’s talk and act with a gender-sensitive approach when protecting the mental health of young people

How to develop a gender-sensitive approach to the mental health of young people? What competencies should youth workers and all professionals working with young people have in order to adequately support and protect the mental health of young people?

We have been working on answers to these and many other questions for the last two years. The project ends at the end of the year, so we are presenting results to our key target persons in all partner countries.

In Croatia, Forum for Freedom in Education presented the project and results on November 21 in Zagreb. Forum gathered a diverse group of more than 30 experts in the field of work with young people – representatives of associations dealing with mental health protection, gender issues, youth associations, educational institutions, the Office of the Ombudspearson for Human Rights, Children and for Gender Equality in Croatia.

School psychologist and psychotherapist who works with young people both in school and in private practice and actively participated in the implementation of the project, gave a lecture to the audience on a gender-sensitive approach to the mental health of young people in the school context. Experts from Forum presented in more details results and findings of the project – research on the needs of young people, a platform for sharing results, information and education, a training program for people working with young people, as well as two important publications – a manual in working with young people and the workbook “No one is you”.

Some of the reviews from anonymous evaluation questionnaires about the meeting were:

Thank you Forum for the excellent project, we work best for young people when we ask them what they think too!;

Excellent!; Interesting and usable; Quality approach, you are excellent as always!;

Thanks for the useful materials; It was interesting; Useful and applicable!;